The aim of the blog is to change the people's perspective about Mindanao, Beyond all the chaos that
this region has been experiencing, this place is better than the rest.
: Kaputian, Samal Island If you live in Davao City...

Kaputian, Samal Island

If you live in Davao City where the government has an iron fist and smoking everywhere is highly prohibited, drinking session is up till 12 o’clock only or you work/study hard that you need to unwind, well Samal Island is the best place for you. 

From the heart of Davao to Sasa wharf is a 15-20 mins ride depends upon the traffic for only P15. Ticket for the barge ride is P10 only and you’ll get to experience another 15 mins adventure with trucks, buses and cars across the sea.

From Samal wharf you’ll get to choose what transportation you want. The fare varies depending on what type of transportation are you going to choose. Kaputian, Samal is a 2 hour ride and just like any other ride it’s quiet tiring and boring so you need to bring things that will make you entertain. And when you get there it’s your time to wander! Enjoy :)

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